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~ Visual Media

Animated Movies:
Hot Air BalloonNidoking idleNido EmosMinimalist Valentine'sRainy~ Struck by the Rain
Mega Man Legends 3: Cancelled (YouTube Version)RainModular Animation TestI've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm (Youtube Link)I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm (Dailymotion Link)Didi Doesn't Care (Youtube)Didi Doesn't Care (Vidme)

Animated Gifs:
MunchChibi-ChibiI Want CarrotsAssassinWiiSnow WarsMega Man Legends 3: CancelledNidorina Figurine Display Nidorina Figurine Display (Small)Oblivious Headphones Girl 1Oblivious Headphones Girl 2Paul Robertson-esque NiniPaul Robertson-esque PixieRobertson-esque Nidorino E.Robertson-esque BellsproutRobertson-esque BulbaRobertson-esque DidiRobertson-esque AndyRobertson-esque LisaFlopsyNini Dance (Kirby's DL2)Cha Cha CheesecakeNew Year 2016SpammingSchneider Bump (draft)Leg KickingOblivious Headphones Girl 3iPad NakamuraSquishy Cheeks

Unfinished Gifs:
Rabbit on the MoonNido Nido!

Pokemon Stadium Movies:
Nidoran Female NidorinaNidoqueen Nidoran Male NidorinoNidokingCharlotte (from Silver, just for fun)

Professor Oak's Lecture:
Nidoran FemaleNidorina

~ Sounds

Pokemon Cry & Pokedex Information (from Pokemon Gameboy Sound Collection):
NOTE: Pokedex info is in Japanese. If you don't understand the language, chances are it isn't saying anything you haven't read for the past 15 years...
Nidoran MesuNidorinaNidoqueenNidoran OsuNidorinoNidoking

Pokemon Voices (from Pokemon Puzzle League):

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Cry Variations:
Nidoran Female - DefaultAttentionExcitedFrustratedDisappointed
Nidorina - DefaultAttentionExcitedFrustratedDisappointed
Nidoqueen - DefaultAttentionExcitedFrustratedDisappointed
Nidoran Male - DefaultAttentionExcitedFrustratedDisappointed
Nidorino - DefaultAttentionExcitedFrustratedDisappointed
Nidoking - DefaultAttentionExcitedFrustratedDisappointed

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