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These are the available games to play on Aqua Bunny. Flash games will require Flash Player to run.

What happens when Nintendo gives the consumer free reign? The stuff Game Freak's too lazy to do, like give the Nidos a fair piece of action (on a real Nintendo console, no less). When WarioWare and Aqua Bunny combine and bring you a slew of microgames with a bit of depth, everyone wins. Click on the box art and...?
Mouse over a game for more information.
Use the crane to pick up dolls and gain a high score. Play timed modes or an endless mode, and grab as
many dolls as you can.
This is an updated version of the 2007 Crane Crazy. Details in game window.
Make your way through each labyrinth like level as you attempt to save your fellow Nidoran. Utilize different power ups to clear each stage, but watch out! A false move can be your undoing.
This game is an offline executable and must be downloaded.
In this Pokemon puzzle game, challenge your brain and solve the many puzzles in various modes. You can unlock exclusive art only featured in this game, as well as recreations of select artwork. Each puzzle cleared gets added into your gallery. This game uses a data saving feature, if your internet security settings are very tight, it may not work.
Create your own Nidorina and dress her up in the cute paper doll simulation. You can even change colors of various features, and move pieces around to where you see fit. This game is courtesy of Pichu90.



A game is based on Konami's hit franchise, Pop'n Music.
This version of Rhythmic Pop'n is only a demo for test purposes, so give it a try while it lasts!


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Nidorina Dress Up    WarioWare DIY: High-Functionality Aqua Bunny Pack    Rhythmic Pop'n Demo

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